It goes without saying that if you don’t have leads in network marketing then you don’t have a business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on leads to grow your business. Check out the tips below that can help you grow your leads at no cost to you.


  1. Generate MLM leads with a blog. Blogs can be assets and guess what, they work for you 247 because the internet never closes. Find a topic or Niche that you would like to become an expert on and go for it! The goal is to be authentic and be unique. There are several suppliers that offer platforms that you can use to create your Blog at no cost to you. I suggest using the search engine of your choice to find the supplier that fits your needs.
  2. Are you using Instagram? If not, then you are seriously not maximizing your potential to generate leads. Use pictures that tell a story about who you are. Don’t forget the hashtags and complete the bio to generate interest from potential followers. Check back regarding proven strategies to grab IG leads later this month.
  3. Are you Maximizing your facebook page? Facebook is a great way to capture a following and leads through a fan page. Maximize the potential to  showcase your brand through creating a fan page. When you learn the facebook algorithm to get likes and increase engagement( it’s forever changing),you can generate leads for your business. Check back on this topic as well.
  4. This one here is a no-brainier. If you write a blog then  I suggest you follow other blogs that interest you. Comments left on these blogs are tracked back to your blog. People who read your comments can track your comments back to you blog and  vicariously generate leads. Did I mention, blogging is amazing!
  5. Periscope anyone? Periscope is a mobile community of what I like to call Vloggers (not sure if that’s a word.) People use live streaming video regarding the topics of their choice to generate a following. Once they begin to follow you, they can invite others to do the same. The great thing about Periscope is that those who follow you using this platform can find you on other social media platforms as well. Periscope demands authenticity because there are no  re-takes or do overs when streaming through this platform. Users get to experience the authentic you. It’s great.

These are just a few tips and by no means encompasses an entire list of ways to generate leads.  Network marketers must continually think outside the box for long-term business growth. I hope this list of short tips have been helpful. Put them in to practice and leave your comments if you have other tips or if these tips work for you.