1. 1.
    of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.
    “the article was of great interest”
    synonyms: considerablesubstantialsignificant,


    Why be great? My simple answer would be because it’s too easy to be average. When you are pursuing greatness there is another level that you have to look deep down inside of you to pull it out. There is a different language a different grind for those who pursue greatness.

    When you choose greatness, you will find that you are often alone because few will choose this path and you may ask why is that…… and it’s simple. Being great takes takes courage. pursuing greatness requires you to be uncomfortable for a certain period of time and lets face it, not many people will sacrifice their precious comfort to obtain it.

    Being great requires thick skin. You will be judged, mocked, talked about, and misunderstood. You will be the outcast because you have chosen to go against the status quo. You have decided to shake up things. You have broken the hierarchy of good and made people second guess their efforts. You are everything that they wished they could be. You had the GUTS to choose great.


    Again, greatness requires GUTS. It requires sacrifice. There will be a price that must be paid upfront and in full. There will be no IOUs to be collected at a later date. There must be a firm dissatisfaction with good that great is the only option that is left worth pursuing.


    So here is today’s GUT check…… Are you sure that you have what it requires to be great?



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