Get Clean

(((Get Clean)))

This phrase popped in my mind as I was sitting at the breakfast table. I didn’t think it had any significance so I didn’t pay it much attention until I heard the phrase whispered to me again…”Get Clean.”

At this time I asked my self silently ” do I need to go take a shower”; however I continued to sit at the breakfast table and immediately felt  the urge to write. 

I hesitated at first because I didn’t want to write what was being channeled through me because I felt a bit convicted by the words but I wrote anyway.

It’s the season of cleanliness and I’m not just talking about a physical cleanliness you can see. I’m talking mental, spiritual, financial, relationships and tongues. 

It’s the season to clean the mind of all the negativity and doubt. It’s time to increase your belief about what you can achieve and it’s time for you to go for it. What the mind can conceive it also can achieve; however if the mind is riddled with constant negativity then guess what……. you will have an abundance of negativity and doubt in your life. What you think about the most you will get more of so get clean! 

I don’t care who or what you pray to but you better pray. You must clear the spiritual ora around you in order to receive and attract positivity and abundance in all areas of your life. Prayer and meditation should be on your calendar. It’s a must that it’s a part of your daily and weekly routine. When you have a spiritual awakening discernment is at an all time high. You will have low tolerance for negativity and you will operate differently. It’s time to toss out the spiritual dust and get clean. 

Now most of us struggle through finances. It doesn’t matter if you make 35K a year or 100k, the struggle is the same. Most of us have not been taught the principles of financial cleanliness. We have been programmed to as soon as you get it spend it! We have not been taught how to invest or leverage properly but we have been taught how to run with the Jones’s and Create more debt. The bigger the house, the newer the vehicle, the shiner the object constitutes your worth….Get clean! Most people are financially dead. They lack the proper skills and training to generate wealth. Most will die in debt and will pass this debt on to their children. It’s important to learn to create leveraged income and secure investments other than a checking and savings account. I seen 3figure investments change the financial future of an entire blood line. Get clean!

Relationships can make you or break you. Aligning yourself with the right people can absolutely change your life. The old Phrase ,” it’s not always what you know but who you know” is true. When you are in a room with game changers the conversation is different. These people don’t talk about Free at the club after 11. They talk about how they can buy the club. They say you are sum of your 5 closes friends so determine if you are operating in the black. If not, get clean. 

Husband and wives If you walk around your home tight lipped always mad at your spouse shame on you! Do you wonder why your spiritual, mental, and financial life is in shambles…it’s you- get clean. People living under the same roof must communicate honestly and openly without fear of ostracism or retaliation. The more candid the conversation the better. Relationships are not built on secrets. They are not built with anger or resentment- get clean. Relationships are built with trust, respect, open-conversation , commitment, and love. If you lack any of these I encourage you to get clean. 

Oh that tongue. It can be as soft as a feather pillow or as sharp as a razor. Your words can bring about change in the world or it can tear down centuries of progress. Make sure your words are soft because you never know when you must swallow them. You have a duty to speak life with your tongue. Your words manifest destiny and your life is a direct result of those words you speak. If your main focus is to tear other down with your tongue then this is for  you- Get Clean! 


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