The mere difference between success and failure is belief. Those who believe that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to generally do. They achieve success not due to skill, intelligence, or education. They achieve success due to their belief.

The same holds true for those individuals who believe that they will never be successful and move past their current circumstances. If your mind is constantly focused on lack and you consistently tell yourself what you can not do, the mind will achieve what you constantly think about.

I know many of us have heard the phrase, ” What the mind believes it can achieve.” It is totally true. Whether it be negative or positive, the mind will falter to what you think and believe the most. Success is not an action or destination, it is a thought fueled by belief.

It’s very important that we be mindful of our words and conversations. The language we use when speaking to others about our situations can be self defeating. If I ask you today to go to the movies with me and you tell me girl I can’t because I’m broker than a joke, then it is very likely this belief you carry about your situation will be transferred into other conversations and your mind will begin to believe that you are absolutely ” broker than a joke.” Instead try saying, girl it’s not in my budget this week, I’m saving for my future. There must be a shift to the positive. By shifting to the latter, you have subconsciously made budgeting important to your future, so be mindful of your words.

Many of us may not believe that success can be ours simply because the images we see in popular culture that have defined success for us. We think success is associated with talents such as singing, acting, or athleticism. This thought is so far off kilter I don’t know that to say. We define our own success! Following the standards of popular culture will make us feel as if we never measure up. Stop allowing the television to define your belief system. If you continue to allow popular culture to fuel your belief system, you will continue to spend more than you have, measure your self against athletes and artist, and ultimately be unhappy with your entire life-simple.

Define what success is to you and go get it. Success maybe saving and extra $5000 a year. It may be opening a new business and working for yourself. Whatever it is, it must be fueled by BELIEF that you can achieve it.

If you would like to know more about how to deepen your belief system feel free to reach out to me. Many of us are just one belief away from ultimate success. We are looking forward to hearing from you


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