Listen up!!! Stop  complaining about your situation if you have no plans to do anything about it.  You complain that your ends never meet;   they just get close enough to wave at each other every now and again. We don’t care to hear about how broke you are or how you hate your boss when you continually clock in everyday doing the same thing that you claim to hate.

Get over it or take action! There are a plethora of opportunities just begging for someone to take them . We depend too much on security (paycheck)and are afraid to take risks. If you are looking for security, you are not truly ready to live life. There are no guarantees and to speak quite frankly, the greater the risk the greater the reward. If you are seeking a life where there are no risks, please pack yourself up in a bubble and stay home……

It amazes me the number of opportunities available for each and every one of us to take but many of us will never seize opportunity if it does not come in the form of a paycheck. Yes, many of us desire wages rather than profits and for that very reason opportunity will always pass us by.

It’s time to walk in purpose and live your life by design. You are the artist so paint the picture that you desire. Stop depending on others to design your masterpiece. Affirm that you are the Picasso of your life. Take Risks!!!



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