Personal Development

I have spent the last several days connecting with individuals and building relationships in the industry to help grow my network marketing business. Building relationships is phenomenal and I have even had a few bold individuals attempt to flip me to join their organizations.

With all the conversations and speaking with people from across the world the main question I always asked was…..what are you reading? How much time are you spending on your personal development? Believe it or not every single individual I spoke to have not picked up a book within the past 6 to 12 months. Essentially, they were not setting time aside to work on them.

I encourage anyone it doesn’t matter the industry to take 20 to 30 minutes a day to focus of personal development. Purchase or borrow leadership, Motivational,  Marketing, or Sales books. If you don’t like to read then get the audio. Use your time driving to appointment or your day job to pop in the audio and listen.

To Have More Than You’ve Got,
Become More Than You Are.

                                          Jim Rohn

You must be committed to continue develop yourself and transition to the person that can not only earn six figures and keep it but teach others how to do the same.


Your income will rarely exceed your personal development…..Jim Rohn.



personal development


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