Quick Tips

If you are in direct sales or multi-level marketing you are always attempting to discover new techniques or research the latest traffic driver to generate leads. I want to share something simple that has worked for me on Facebook.

Instead of posting in all of the work from home groups or business opportunity groups where marketers prey on newbies and spam links, I simply Join groups or fan pages for those things that I am interested in to connect with people.

For example if you are in to all things motivational, wealth building, or even surfing; I am sure there is a Facebook group dedicated to the cause. Simply use the search bar on your personal page to find say for instance a baby boomers group. Join the group and look for the people who are engaging. Ask great questions to get people to respond. Once you have set posted a couple of times and commented of a couple of post, go in and PM a couple of people. Never drop your links in these groups that’s a NO NO! Your goal is to connect and build relationships.

If you would like to know what to say when you are connecting with these individuals in these groups check back here next week or contact me to Connect. You can find me on facebook as well.





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