Pray They Quit Early

Why do people stop before they get started in Network Marketing?

They pay their start up cost and are excited the first week then  reality sets in.  You take them through the system for success and give them all the tools that they need to grow their business but they don’t utilize them. You give them information for company calls so they can listen in and become rock stars in the business but of course, they don’t dial in. You ask them to log into their back offices or reporting platforms and of course , they don’t know how to get there because they are not PLUGGED IN!


Most people who join network will quit before they ever get started. They simply are excited initially but they have no intention of doing the work to be successful and why? They are comfortable with their current circumstances. They see the opportunity to earn a ridiculous amount of money; however, they don’t think that this can be their reality. Essentially, they are lazy and uninspired and will never move pass their current situation.


It is important that we you are recruiting for their Network Marketing business  that you recruit people who are better than you. Do they have a certain set of skills that you don’t have? Do they make more money than you? Don’t be afraid to recruit up. Take out the chicken lists and start calling. If you want to see your business grow then you must go after the big fish. Unfortunately family and friends  can be the worst recruits. They are not serious in their own lives and tend to live by the “ Wish” principle meaning, I wish something will happen. I’m not saying that all family in friends are like this but a good 99.99% of them are.  Don’t focus on building  your business with them alone, you must reach out past these groups.


People who join network marketing must first master their mindset. Before anything positive can take place in this industry mindset mastery will be key. In the beginning you will work for more than you earn so you can earn more than you work for, so you must have the mindset to stay the course and do what is necessary to achieve overall success.


Overall people lack focus and don’t take them quitting personally. Most will quit in 30 days and it shows their overall commitment to success.


I encourage you to pray that they quit early!






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