Do the Work to Make it Work……

Nothing happens by chance. You must work at it and be persistent before the harvest comes. Many people start projects, school, and businesses and feel that they are supposed to see success right away. Well this is the REAL world and let me speak quite frank……It doesn’t happen that way.

You must put in the work and be committed to learning the skills of your industry, business, or educational project. You don’t start college today take your first exam and then ask your professor for the cap and gown department…..It just doesn’t work that way. You must be persistent and place the time in effort into what you are doing to be successful. Ultimately, you must do the work.

Poor work ethic and microwave society mentality is one reason why many people begin projects and don’t see them through. People don’t know how to be patient and work anymore because everything is always given to us fast in today’s society. From our food to the internet, the quicker the better but beware that when success comes quickly, you miss the process.

The process is what makes us better. It teaches us skill through trail and error. It makes us stronger through our failures. Without the process any success that is obtained may not be long-term.

Overall you must do the work. No one is going to do it for you. You can’t say what doesn’t work when you haven’t put in the work. I have seen so many quit prematurely to only regret it later. Quitting and poor work ethic says alot about the person who you really are. The characteristics are passed on to your generations as well, so be mindful of these characteristics.

Remember, in order for anything to work you must first do the work.


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