Every Next LEVEL Requires A New You…..

2015 has been awesome. Goals have been set and met and you are ready to begin 2016 with a new fury.

Strides have been made and you have worked on personal development and becoming a better you. You are determine that success will not miss you. You are beginning to notice that those people that you generally hang out with seem a little bit less interesting to you. You guys may not talk as much and when you do, it’s obvious that you are on totally different spectrum’s……Why?

Remember, for every next level that you achieve, it will require a new you. You can’t achieve level 6 success if you are still at level 2 thinking. That new level will require sacrifice on your part. You may have to pass on the pizza and wings with the friends to finish that audio book by Jim Rohn. You must consciously now align your life and actions with the expectations of achievement that you have. Again, the NEXT LEVEL will require a different you.

You must also be content with leaving some people behind. It doesn’t mean that you won’t talk or hang out from time to time but it does mean that your focus may not align with their current priorities, so unless they begin this journey with you it is possible that you will have less in common…..prepare for it. They will tell you that you have changed and quite possibly make you feel bad for developing beyond your current circumstance. Just know for progress to take place there must be change and they should be more concerned because they have stayed the same.


Every NEXT LEVEL will require a different you…….Prepare for it.

next level


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