It’s Not the Fruit

“So now the Sovereign LORD asks: Will this vine grow and prosper? No! I will pull it up, roots and all! I will cut off its fruit and let its leaves wither and die. I will pull it up easily without a strong arm or a large army. NLT

There are always ups and downs in business and life in general. There are ever changing dynamics that weave our lives like the threads in a tapestry. We are faced with the ebb and flow of life as they are a part of the process that sway back and forth like the tide of the ocean.

No matter how bad things may look, know that there will be a new dawn breaking if we endure the process and don’t give up. We must go back and take a full assessment of those situations that have kept us from reaching our goals and uninhibitedly determine the reasons associated with  what has caused us to falter.

Are we truly preparing for success and happiness or are we living this life with a sense of “maybe it will happen” and happenstance. Have you surrounded yourself with positive emotional and spiritual interactions or  have you allowed the inevitabilities of life to take ROOT?

Depending upon your answers, it will determine the fruit you bear.You may be asking what is the fruit? The fruit is simply your results. Are you where you desire to currently be in life? Did you receive that promotion? Are you making the money that you desire to make? Is your relationship where you desire it to be? Are your children being educated how you imagined? Essentially, has the work that you have put in produced the desired result?

If not, I challenge you to not examine the fruit but the root. What is the root you ask…….The root is you! Your habits, your actions, your principles, your values ultimately determine what fruit your tree will bear.

Will your harvest be bountiful and produce good fruit or will  it be choked off by weeds and thistle.

A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. (NLT)




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