You Must Be What You Desire to Attract…..

Be deliberate in your attempts to attract certain things in your life. Whether they be money, career, family, or relationships you must be deliberate in attracting those things that you desire. Start first by becoming what you desire to attract…..

  1. Identify what you want:

Write it down and make it plain. You must first know what you want before you can attract it in to your life. There must be clarity of this principle. For example it does you no good to say ” I want a better job”, without defining what a better job is. Is it one where you make more money, have no set schedule, or work for yourself? Clarity is key.

2. Don’t block what you want to attract:

Remove doubt, fear, and negative vibrations from your process. If you continue to allow these self defeating emotions to enter your current space, then you cancel out what you are attempting to attract. You must rid yourself of limiting beliefs to obtain what you desire. Be mindful of your words because they are powerful. Your words can move mountains or dig graves.

3. Daily Affirmations:

It is important to begin and end your day with affirmations. As stated previously, there is power in your words. You have the choice to make that power work for you or against you. Affirmations help you attract what you desire to become or what you want in your life.

Examples of Affirmations..

I am smart enough, I am good enough. When I talk people will listen because what I have to say is important.

Begin with ” I am”…….these are two very powerful words. What proceed these words are even more powerful.






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