Go For No!

Many of us have what has been termed ” Chicken Lists” in Network Marketing. Chicken Lists contain names and contact information of people that you are afraid to call for whatever reason. These people may be successful in their own right and you may feel that they will not partner in your current project or business.

Your “Chicken List” says a lot about you as a person believe it or not. It points to insecurities and truly a non-belief in yourself that you can get the job done. You say that you believe in yourself and your abilities…..so why haven’t you made the calls?

Remember that person on your chicken list is also on someone else’s list of contacts. Will you get to them first? What is the worst thing that they can tell you? Will it hurt your feelings if they tell you -No? If it does, you are absolutely in the wrong business.

Take out your chicken list and absolutely Go for No! I guarantee someone else will and that person will ultimately win.



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