You Are KILLING Your Business…

The art of duplication in network marketing is key for business growth; especially from a builders point of view. Builders show others how to legitimately build a strong down-line that taproots  4 to 5 generations deep. The most successful builders didn’t become successful by some magical formula or happenstance. They became successful because they were coachable……

Oh my, there goes that word that so many of us dread hearing. Many of us avoid this word like the plague. Many of us will jump right over this word without giving it a second look or thought…..Why? Simply stated, people hate being corrected. They do not want to be wrong. They want to be the experts…but I tell you….this is KILLING your business.

If you are truly ready to be coachable you will display the following characteristics:

  1. Humility
  2. Faith in the process
  3. Willingness to surrender control

Many individuals who are not coachable rarely achieve great success. Most plateau in their development no matter how many times they attempt to complete an activity. For example, in networking marketing the 3 way call is a crucial part of the system for success; however those who are not coachable most times skip this part of the process and ultimately their businesses suffer. They never see the success that their uplines or mentors are experiencing….why…because they have attempted to circumvent the process……again NOT COACHABLE. They are not willing to surrender control and have faith in the process. Massive growth in their organizations will allude them for this very reason.

If you are reading this I challenge you to determine your coachability. Are you willing to be corrected and are you prepared to be wrong. When you are corrected will you have a rebuttal or be ready to debate your actions or will you stand and listen to the evaluation and understand the correction is part of the journey to self development.

Here is a  great article  on what it truly means to be coachable. Give me your feedback and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to hit the like and share buttons at the bottom.






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