Why do people dwell in mediocrity? Why don’t they strive for more? Is it okay in today’s society to be just average? I challenge you to dare to be different.

Escape the death trap of mediocrity. Get off that road and start on a new highway because that road will lead to nowhere great. If you will be afraid of anything, be afraid of mediocrity. Be afraid of going nowhere fast.

Dare to dream big…….. Not only dream big but make those dreams goals. Write them down and put a date on them that you will accomplish them. Don’t allow another day to go by without making your dream actual goals. No matter how hard it gets don’t quit. Remember to never adjust your goal, change your activity to meet your goals.

Do what you love……Stop trying to please everyone else around you. Find your passion and make it your paycheck. People do it everyday, so why not you?  Think outside of the box and dare to be different. Get out of the safe zone and challenge yourself to do great things.

Mediocrity will cause you to settle and be content with little things. Don’t be content with playing it safe. Reject those things that point to mediocrity in your life. Separate yourself from those things (people) and begin your road to greatness.

The greatest challenge that you will have is getting started. Let’s knock that challenge out today.

Pledge today that you will passionately protest mediocrity at the highest heights and dare to become more than just an average replica of what the world told you that you should be.




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