What Does Your Calendar Look Like?

If you are an entrepreneur or dabbling in the field of entrepreneurship, your calendar is your bank account………

Be mindful of the activity that you have on your calendar. How many appointments do you have during the week? What income producing activity is outlined on your calendar? There should be absolutely no white space left on your calendar if you are seeking extraordinary income. You should also use a calendar to ensure that you have balance within your life.

Remember, you are an entrepreneur now. If your calendar is not full, you don’t eat. There is no paycheck coming Friday……… Your calendar is a direct reflection of your back account. Is your calendar full? If so, your bank account more than likely resembles your calendar. However, if your calendar is light……Well you know what I’m saying.

Ensure that you have a calendar guys and begin to outline weekly and monthly those appointments that will propel your income to the next level. Don’t be caught without one.





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