Dream Killers……

Whether you dream to be the first woman President of the United States, find a cure for cancer, or declare world peace-everybody has dreams.

It’s important that you don’t allow dream killers to invade your space and sneak in and snuff out your dreams. Be on alert for those constant invaders of negativity and naysayers. It’s important that you identify dream killers immediately and align your space properly with positivity or you will place yourself in a situation where your dreams are not valued and they only thing worth achieving is located inside the proverbial box.

Fear is the biggest dream killer I know. People will allow fear to marginalize their dreams and make them seem unreachable. Fear is a liar! It tells us the we are not smart enough or fast enough to achieve our dreams. Fear will also tell us that positive things just don’t happen to people like us. The first step in overcoming fear is acknowledging that it is there and making a conscious effort to move forward one step at a time.

Insecurity is closely aligned with fear; however, insecurities have more to do with mindset and philosophy. Insecurities feed fear, so it is important that our insecurities are in check or our fears  will have a constant meal to snack on.

Family and friends can also be dream killers. Many times they will add to our insecurities by telling us what we can not achieve because it’s never been done. They are unloading their insecurities on to us because they don’t believe that they could accomplish their dreams, so we can’t either……In some instances those friends and family members don’t want us to achieve more than they have. They are comfortable that we are just like them wallowing in mediocrity. When we take a step out of the proverbial box and begin to walk towards something great, it makes them nervous.


Everything that we have in this world is based on a dream. Don’t allow Fear, insecurities, or family and friends to force you to stop dreaming. The eyes of the dreamer are wide open.  They are bright with understanding and hope to bring about a change that will change all humanity forever. Keep dreaming………..


dream killers




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