So what really are affirmations? Why are they important?……………………Affirmations refer to the practice of positive thinking and empowerment. Affirmations restructure our brains so that we truly believe that we can accomplish anything. Affirmations change lives by changing philosophy.

Affirmations are important for anyone seeking positive change in their lives. Very wealthy people tend to live by the need for affirmations. They believe that in order to achieve, one must first believe. The wealthy create environments for success and affirmations are typically apart of this environment.

Affirmations can be about anything that you desire in your life. Love, finances, health, beauty, education; there is no limit or rule that states what you must affirm. Affirmations need not be eloquent or without error in verbiage, they just must be a full bodied verbalization of what you wish to see happen in your life.

Try it for yourself:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Get in front of a mirror
  • Take a deep breathe
  • Clear your mind



Today I will accomplish the great. No matter the trial, no matter the circumstance, I will reach for greatness. Greatness is inside of me and it will manifest in everything that I think and everything that I do. Today I chose to be great.

I will stand tall in the face of adversity. I will not quit! I will fight for my family and those who are most important to me. I will make adversity my footstool and use it to propel me to the next level of success. I have staying power. I will never quit……..

Today I conquer the pillars for success. I will no longer run from the very thing that I seek so dearly. I will not be afraid of my greatness yet I will embrace it and duplicate for many generations.

Stop running from the very thing that you seek the most because of fear.




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