Power Couples

The phrase “ Power Couple” is used frequently when speaking about celebrity couples in music, entertainment, and  the world of sports but what really is a power couple? The term “ Power Couple” has less to do with money and fame and more to do with influence and staying power. Check out some of the  top characteristics that I have found to be associated with “ Power Couples”.


6 Characteristics of a Power Couple


Power Couples don’t compete with each other:

They are in Sync and they allow each other to shine. They focus on combined efforts and impacting as a team.


Power Couple know how to have fun:

They know how to complement each other and keep things spicy. They often engage in dates nights never missing an opportunity to take a break and just let loose.


Power Couples Mind their Finances:

They know that know that mis-managed finances can destroy a relationship.

While accumulating wealth they  seek to invest  to continue to build their empires.


Power Couples Communicate:
They are not afraid to verbalize their needs and they state when there is a problem. They do not allow issues to fester and seek to solve issues quickly. They respect the opinions of others and seek common ground to ensure continued progress. Power couples don’t argue, they discuss…..


Power Couples have staying Power

They are unbreakable! They know that they have goals so any distractions are dealt with swiftly. They endure seasons of unrest because the begin with the end in mind.


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