Bet On You !!!!

Today I thought I would talk about betting on you!

What I have found in my conversations with people being in network marketing is that many of them are afraid to try something new simply because they do not believe in themselves. In essence they do not agree to join your project or take a look at a business opportunity because they do not trust themselves to follow through and take the necessary steps in order to be successful. Most are afraid to fail.

When you ask them to take a look at you video link or join you at at opportunity meeting, they immediately begin to replay all of their past failures in their minds, so they may be reluctant to agree. You are now charged with making them see the light at the end of the tunnel and ironically you now become coach and motivator…..Will you win?  You must now take the steps to give them their confidence back. It’s up to you to show them that failures are a necessary part of success and in order to achieve anything worth having there will be failure……

Ask the question:  Will you bet on you? Will you roll the dice and bet  that you can do nothing else but win?

Note: Failures are a necessary part of growth. Failures make you stronger and more aware. I challenge you to Fail often and Fail Faster. I encourage you to Bet on You.


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