Do You Have the Guts to Be Great?

  1. 1.
    of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.
    “the article was of great interest”
    synonyms: considerablesubstantialsignificant,


    Why be great? My simple answer would be because it’s too easy to be average. When you are pursuing greatness there is another level that you have to look deep down inside of you to pull it out. There is a different language a different grind for those who pursue greatness.

    When you choose greatness, you will find that you are often alone because few will choose this path and you may ask why is that…… and it’s simple. Being great takes takes courage. pursuing greatness requires you to be uncomfortable for a certain period of time and lets face it, not many people will sacrifice their precious comfort to obtain it.

    Being great requires thick skin. You will be judged, mocked, talked about, and misunderstood. You will be the outcast because you have chosen to go against the status quo. You have decided to shake up things. You have broken the hierarchy of good and made people second guess their efforts. You are everything that they wished they could be. You had the GUTS to choose great.


    Again, greatness requires GUTS. It requires sacrifice. There will be a price that must be paid upfront and in full. There will be no IOUs to be collected at a later date. There must be a firm dissatisfaction with good that great is the only option that is left worth pursuing.


    So here is today’s GUT check…… Are you sure that you have what it requires to be great?


It’s Time to DeClutter

I  was referred to this article this year that was written back in 2015 from Inc. Magazine by Lolly Daskal. Reading this article made me realize that we have a ton of negative thoughts and activities that we need to give up in order to succeed.  

If you find yourself doing any of these make it a goal for 2017 to “declutter” these items from your mind.  Here is the list that was printed in the article.  I hope you enjoy!

1.  Trying to be perfect.

You can’t be so forget about it.  Just do your best everyday and increase your skills; take courses, find a mentor, read books on your profession.

2.  Playing small.

Think Big, Have Big Goals.  Don’t limit yourself based on what you think you can do now.  Grow into your goals.

3.  Faking it.

That term fake it till you make it…get rid of that.  Just be you, where ever you are in your growth, knowledge and skill.  People can tell when you fake it and then you lose them forever as a customer, distributor or client.

4.  Waiting for luck.

There is no such thing as luck.   Opportunities and good things that happen to you are solely created by your thoughts and feelings.  Your world is a direct reflection of what you believe not because of luck.

5.  Waiting for anything.

Stop waiting for the right time, right person, right place…..again there will never be a right anything.  Go get busy.

6. Needing approval.

The only approval you need is from yourself.  Do the right thing and give it all you have.  Live a balanced life.  Go to bed at night knowing you treated everyone with respect and dignity.

7.  Trying to do it alone.

Find people that are doing what you do.  Network.  Create a mastermind group.  When you gather with like people you will learn more and achieve more.

8.  Making empty promises.

I recently had a fellow promise something and I took a step of faith with this person.  Turns out he was only offering empty promises.   Now I will never work with this individual again.  So if you make empty promises that is the result you will get as well.

9.  Fixating on your weaknesses.

Everyone has week points.  Just try to work on them but focus on your strengths.

10.  Blaming others.

You lose respect from people by blaming others.  Your current situation and your destiny are totally under your control.

11.  Overlooking your negative thoughts.

Your thoughts become things.  It is the basis for your total success or failure.  You also reap what you sow.   Therefore when a negative thought comes into your head, just don’t think it or dwell on it….CHANGE IT!

12.  Living in the past.

You can’t cry over spilled milk.  You future begins now.  It is all you have so look to the future but live for today.

13.  Trying to please everyone.

Newsflash:  It’s impossible.  So get over it and just be a good person.

14.  Small goals.

Again….think big.  Grow into your goals.  If you set small goals then that is all you will achieve.

15.  Holding on to grudges.

This is by far a cancer to you.   Jesus told us to forgive.   That was not for Him but for you.  What you give comes back to you and holding grudges will create negativity that will show up in your life over and over.

16.  Avoiding change.

You want change.  Change means you are growing.  If you are not growing you are dying.

17.  Trying to never make a mistake.

Again this is like trying to be perfect.  Making mistakes means you are trying.  Do you think an Olympic Pole Vaulter made it over the bar the first time they ever tried to vault?

18.  Minimizing yourself.

You are special and important and worthy.   Act like it and you will attract leader to you.

19.  Gossiping

This is a huge waste of your time, plus it hurts other people.  And again you absolutely reap what you sow.  Don’t do it.

20.  Saying “I can’t”.

What you believe creates your thoughts.  You get 100% of what you believe, all day everyday.  So if you believe you can’t then you can’t.

21.  Staying down.

If you fail at something and give up, then it’s over.  Remember the pole vault specialist?  How many times did they fail before they won the Gold?

22.  Complaining.

Huge no-no.  Complaining and fault finding are again negative feelings and that negativity will come back to you in the circumstances of your life.

23.  Spending time with negative people.

Guard your heart.  Negativity breads negativity.  And again it will show up in your life over and over.

24.  Comparing yourself with others.

You are you and no one else.  God made you that way.  This is your race to run.   Find happiness and be grateful for your life.  You don’t know what is going on in the lives of others.  As long as you are doing the best you can and treating people with kindness you are successful.

25.  Thinking you can’t make a difference.

There are so many people looking for someone who is willing to help them by sharing knowledge or just a smile.  Remember what you do to others you do to yourself.  That’s why Jesus gave us the Golden Rule.   Because He knows the ultimate Law on this planet is the Law of reaping and sowing.  You can make a difference that difference can spread like a ripple on a pond.

What’s your take on the list? Are you currently doing any of these things? If so, how have they affected your road to success?

Get Clean

(((Get Clean)))

This phrase popped in my mind as I was sitting at the breakfast table. I didn’t think it had any significance so I didn’t pay it much attention until I heard the phrase whispered to me again…”Get Clean.”

At this time I asked my self silently ” do I need to go take a shower”; however I continued to sit at the breakfast table and immediately felt  the urge to write. 

I hesitated at first because I didn’t want to write what was being channeled through me because I felt a bit convicted by the words but I wrote anyway.

It’s the season of cleanliness and I’m not just talking about a physical cleanliness you can see. I’m talking mental, spiritual, financial, relationships and tongues. 

It’s the season to clean the mind of all the negativity and doubt. It’s time to increase your belief about what you can achieve and it’s time for you to go for it. What the mind can conceive it also can achieve; however if the mind is riddled with constant negativity then guess what……. you will have an abundance of negativity and doubt in your life. What you think about the most you will get more of so get clean! 

I don’t care who or what you pray to but you better pray. You must clear the spiritual ora around you in order to receive and attract positivity and abundance in all areas of your life. Prayer and meditation should be on your calendar. It’s a must that it’s a part of your daily and weekly routine. When you have a spiritual awakening discernment is at an all time high. You will have low tolerance for negativity and you will operate differently. It’s time to toss out the spiritual dust and get clean. 

Now most of us struggle through finances. It doesn’t matter if you make 35K a year or 100k, the struggle is the same. Most of us have not been taught the principles of financial cleanliness. We have been programmed to as soon as you get it spend it! We have not been taught how to invest or leverage properly but we have been taught how to run with the Jones’s and Create more debt. The bigger the house, the newer the vehicle, the shiner the object constitutes your worth….Get clean! Most people are financially dead. They lack the proper skills and training to generate wealth. Most will die in debt and will pass this debt on to their children. It’s important to learn to create leveraged income and secure investments other than a checking and savings account. I seen 3figure investments change the financial future of an entire blood line. Get clean!

Relationships can make you or break you. Aligning yourself with the right people can absolutely change your life. The old Phrase ,” it’s not always what you know but who you know” is true. When you are in a room with game changers the conversation is different. These people don’t talk about Free at the club after 11. They talk about how they can buy the club. They say you are sum of your 5 closes friends so determine if you are operating in the black. If not, get clean. 

Husband and wives If you walk around your home tight lipped always mad at your spouse shame on you! Do you wonder why your spiritual, mental, and financial life is in shambles…it’s you- get clean. People living under the same roof must communicate honestly and openly without fear of ostracism or retaliation. The more candid the conversation the better. Relationships are not built on secrets. They are not built with anger or resentment- get clean. Relationships are built with trust, respect, open-conversation , commitment, and love. If you lack any of these I encourage you to get clean. 

Oh that tongue. It can be as soft as a feather pillow or as sharp as a razor. Your words can bring about change in the world or it can tear down centuries of progress. Make sure your words are soft because you never know when you must swallow them. You have a duty to speak life with your tongue. Your words manifest destiny and your life is a direct result of those words you speak. If your main focus is to tear other down with your tongue then this is for  you- Get Clean! 

Cash for Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and many of us are scrambling to save or earn extra dollars to ensure that this Christmas is one to remember. While most of us will find some means to earn these extra dollars by trading hours for cash by working overtime or getting a 2nd job. There are a savvy few who will actually look to the home based business industry to fill the gap.
Why a home based business, the answer is simple. You have the ability to work from home with no additional overhead as those associated with a traditional brick and mortar business, there is no commute, and if you have a website you can make money while you sleep. Many of us are already stretched for time and having to add an additional 3 to 4 hours a day working a 2nd job is not worth the trade off in time , travel, or fuel for that matter.
Finding a home based opportunity can be equally as tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. Consider a product that is non-intrusive, with no quotas, or mandatory drop ship requirements. The product should be something that you would love to sell and could do so year round. You also want a company that will pay in cash rather that points or other discounts.
A home based business also allows for the opportunity to set your own hours. You choose when you work your business and depending on the opportunity there may be lucrative tax benefits that you may be entitled to as as home based business owner. Whether you need an extra $500 or $5000 dollars to make this Christmas one to remember, a home based business is definitely the way to go.
For more information on home based business opportunities, feel free to contact me by leaving your comments. We look forward to sharing with you. 

      Tweaks for a Killer Instagram Bio


As much as possible keep your name consistent across all social media platforms so your followers can easily identify you.  You want to also keep  your contact information consistent as well i.e. telephone number and email address. Your user name is also important because it is what your followers see when they land on your profile so give it some thought. It should be memorable and represents you and your brand.

Your Bio is your opportunity at a first impression with fans and followers so you want to put your best face forward. This is your introduction to the world so make it good. You are allowed to include one  clickable link in your bio so make it count. Ensure that the link is pointed to a website or landing page  that contains key content about your brand.

I suggest that you scroll through bios of similar pages (competition) to determine key elements that they are using in their bios to determine how you match up.  Here are some ideas to consider when crafting your bio.

  1. What’s in a name? Everything! Choose your name wisely to increase the likelihood that it will be picked up in search engines.
  2. Do not hesitate to tell people what you do or offer
  3. Share who you are. People do business with people who they like and trust. Showing a personal side will foster a trusting relationship
  4. Keywords are “key” Use keywords that will help you give your fans/followers a better understanding of your brand
  5. Hashtags #.Choose hashtags that your fan base may be using and that are relevant to your product or service
  6. Ensure you have eye catching content to stand out from the competition

If you are interested in a 10 minute FREE coaching session with me complete the form below and I will get back to you. Have your questions ready regarding your business/brand and I will share key elements that we are using to take our business to the next level.

Instagram Tips for Beginners

Tip of the day:

To get the most out of your #Instagram account post captivating photos and use #hashtags.

Adding hashtags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people. Choosing specific tags will help you connect with other like-minded people on Instagram and ensure your photos are grouped with photos carrying the same hashtag.

You want to make it easy for other like-minded #Instagrammers to find you by ensuring your hashtags describe your photo. For example a picture of the beach shouldn’t just be hashtagged #beach. Try #WhiteSands #PinkSands  or something more specific.

Keeping your  hashtags relevant  will help you attract new followers who will take a genuine interest in your photos and continue liking and commenting on your photos over time.

Also, pay attention to the other hashtags used on photos that use the same hashtag as yours. You may find that a popular hashtag you hadn’t thought of on your own. This again will make your photo more searchable and seen by more users.

You may also find that people sharing photos similar to yours are using even more specialized tags that you hadn’t thought of originally. This  is the opportunity to follow those people and hopefully they will follow back.

So in essence if you are using instgram, you should be using hastags to increase your reach.




First Time Cruisers

First time Cruisers

So you have taken a leap of faith and booked your first cruise-way to go!  Here are some things to know as you prepare to ensure and optimal cruise experience. Don’t skip on the cabin upgrades. Many experiences can be enhanced by upgrading from an inside stateroom to a balcony. Depending on the cruise line and current specials this may run you an additional $30-60 per person but it’s well worth it.  Also opt to board the ship first to prevent waiting in long lines. This is ideal for families especially those with small children.  You can do this by being a priority customer (meaning this is not your first rodeo) but you’re not so ask your travel professional how you can take advantage of priority boarding to ensure you are faster to the fun. This goes for disembarking on your return as well.

Don’t skip on the drink package! If you enjoy spirits then you definitely want to take advantage of the drink package on board. Cocktails can run you anywhere from $8-$10 each while on board(not including gratuities), so a drink package that includes spirits, water, and soda can lessen the financial burden when it’s paid up front. It also allows you to enjoy your cruise and not have to budget your fun on board.


Make time to book excursions for each port of call and explore the region you are sailing to. You can book excursions directly through the cruise line or your travel professional. Your travel professional can customize your excursions as well as set up private transportation to and from each port of call. They will assist you to arrange your travel documents and you can contact your travel professional if you should run into any trouble. Many excursions offered by the cruise line are not customizable and are offered to all cruise line customers. If you are looking for  more customization and private guided excursions, I recommend speaking with a travel professional.

Pack Light 


Now what to pack??? It depends on what cruise line you’re booking . I myself prefer Carnival as it provides for a more casual fun atmosphere. Ladies I suggest sun dresses, sandals, shorts and tanks. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat. Take a swimsuit or two and pack light there are laundry services on board. Guys try to stay away from jeans. Cotton shorts, polo’s, t-shirts,   sneakers, boats, or sandals. Don’t forget your swim trunks and sunscreen. Depending on  how long you are sailing there will be what’s considered an “ Elegant Night” where slacks and a little black dress may be required. Check with your cruise line or travel professional for details.


Now you are going on a cruise so prepare for a bit of safety training while on board. Don’t be alarmed when the captain instructs everyone to immediately transition to their “ Muster Stations”. Yeah you heard me correctly….Muster stations. In case of emergency evacuation of the ship, you will be directed to your muster station to board life boats. This drill happens before you embark on your cruise so prepare for it. It is usually hot and loud so parents with small children please prepare for the worst 20 minutes of your LIVES! Just kidding; however it’s a good idea to ensure the kiddos have made their rounds to the restroom before the drill begins. You can find your muster station on your key cards or crew will direct you to your station designated according to your cabin level.



You will gain at least 1-4lbs a day while cruising so prepare for it. Miss the crowds by dining during non-traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.  Miss this crowds during breakfast by dining at 10a.m., Miss lunch crowds by dining at 2p.m., and miss the crowds as dinner by dining at 8p.m. Most cruise ships have 24 hour dining. I suggest you check the ship’s daily itinerary to determine what restaurants are serving each day either early or late.

Also consider meal times during port of calls when everyone may be exiting the ship. Keep in mind the ship’s departure time from ports as this is the time when dining begins to get congested as well because cruise goers returning from excursions generally go immediately to the dining area when returning.


Staying Connected

We know your phone is your life but if you would like to skip the $1000 cell phone bill you definitely want to purchase a Wi-Fi/internet package that fits your needs. Some cruise lines have packages that include simple social media access to more robust plans that give you access to emails. It also may be a good idea to speak with your cell phone provider about the addition of an international phone plan even if it’s only temporary. It’s good to speak with a travel professional regarding this as well as they can direct you down the right path. I have heard horror stories of people returning from cruises only to find astronomical cell phone bills because they were not informed regarding internet/data rates. Remember posting that selfie may cost you.


These are just a few tidbits of information to help you get started planning your first cruise. I will blog later about purchasing goods aboard, what duty free really means, and making your way through customs once you return to your original port of call.

Happy Cruising


Free Life

What does it mean to live a free life and does it actually even exist? A life free of the traditional 9 to 5. One with no glaring alarm clocks signaling that another work day is ahead. A life where we control our income and outcome. Life lived on your terms where you help write the ending. A life that is totally FREE.

What’s Wrong with a 9 to 5?

There is nothing wrong with having a 9 to 5 if this is the life that you choose. A 9 to 5 for many people is a means to an end. I know it pays the bills so you feel that it is the only option when it comes to survival. You have to have benefits because what happens when you get sick or the kids needs braces right? A 9 to 5 is a total necessity……. or is it?

Traditional mindsets will automatically drift to traditional solutions when it comes to generating income. It is unfathomable and goes against tradition if someone doesn’t work a traditional 9 to 5 to pay bills. It’s the traditional thinkers way to associate 9 to 5 will survival, worth, prestige……and if you are generating substantial  income outside of a traditional 9 to 5 then it must be illegal -right?

Traditional thinkers hold their jobs with such esteem and pride that they take on 2 or 3 jobs many times just to survive.

Here’s My Question
If you work a 9 to 5 are you truly free? Who controls your time, options, and income? The answer is simple, you control neither. Whoever signs your paycheck is now your master. Your motivation is the paycheck and the benefits are the proverbial shackles. So how do you get free?

Free life begins with challenging traditional mindset and thinking. It challenges the social norm that a 9 to 5 is an absolute necessity. Free life celebrates new age thinkers and entrepreneurs. It celebrates setting your own hours and working to build your legacy and not the legacy of big corporations. Free life allows individuals to follow their dreams unhindered and allows them to live life on their own terms.

Free life also challenges the need for higher education. I won’t touch on this topic in this article but check back because I am interviewing college students as we speak to get their opinions on the issue.

So why the free life?

Why not? Life is for the living. Why should only 3% of the world’s population enjoy the spoils of the world? If you should so desire to earn $100k from home it should be possible. If you desire to raise your kids and stay at home it shouldn’t have to come at the expense of you choosing income over family. You should have the option to do both. Free life=Options….Free life=Happiness……Free life= Innovation….Free life is the new way.

Check back for additional articles challenging traditional mindset………


The mere difference between success and failure is belief. Those who believe that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to generally do. They achieve success not due to skill, intelligence, or education. They achieve success due to their belief.

The same holds true for those individuals who believe that they will never be successful and move past their current circumstances. If your mind is constantly focused on lack and you consistently tell yourself what you can not do, the mind will achieve what you constantly think about.

I know many of us have heard the phrase, ” What the mind believes it can achieve.” It is totally true. Whether it be negative or positive, the mind will falter to what you think and believe the most. Success is not an action or destination, it is a thought fueled by belief.

It’s very important that we be mindful of our words and conversations. The language we use when speaking to others about our situations can be self defeating. If I ask you today to go to the movies with me and you tell me girl I can’t because I’m broker than a joke, then it is very likely this belief you carry about your situation will be transferred into other conversations and your mind will begin to believe that you are absolutely ” broker than a joke.” Instead try saying, girl it’s not in my budget this week, I’m saving for my future. There must be a shift to the positive. By shifting to the latter, you have subconsciously made budgeting important to your future, so be mindful of your words.

Many of us may not believe that success can be ours simply because the images we see in popular culture that have defined success for us. We think success is associated with talents such as singing, acting, or athleticism. This thought is so far off kilter I don’t know that to say. We define our own success! Following the standards of popular culture will make us feel as if we never measure up. Stop allowing the television to define your belief system. If you continue to allow popular culture to fuel your belief system, you will continue to spend more than you have, measure your self against athletes and artist, and ultimately be unhappy with your entire life-simple.

Define what success is to you and go get it. Success maybe saving and extra $5000 a year. It may be opening a new business and working for yourself. Whatever it is, it must be fueled by BELIEF that you can achieve it.

If you would like to know more about how to deepen your belief system feel free to reach out to me. Many of us are just one belief away from ultimate success. We are looking forward to hearing from you


Listen up!!! Stop  complaining about your situation if you have no plans to do anything about it.  You complain that your ends never meet;   they just get close enough to wave at each other every now and again. We don’t care to hear about how broke you are or how you hate your boss when you continually clock in everyday doing the same thing that you claim to hate.

Get over it or take action! There are a plethora of opportunities just begging for someone to take them . We depend too much on security (paycheck)and are afraid to take risks. If you are looking for security, you are not truly ready to live life. There are no guarantees and to speak quite frankly, the greater the risk the greater the reward. If you are seeking a life where there are no risks, please pack yourself up in a bubble and stay home……

It amazes me the number of opportunities available for each and every one of us to take but many of us will never seize opportunity if it does not come in the form of a paycheck. Yes, many of us desire wages rather than profits and for that very reason opportunity will always pass us by.

It’s time to walk in purpose and live your life by design. You are the artist so paint the picture that you desire. Stop depending on others to design your masterpiece. Affirm that you are the Picasso of your life. Take Risks!!!